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7380 S. Eastern Ave., Suite 109-C Las Vegas, Nevada 89123
Our Gym

A modern, state-of-the-art workout facility focused on the health & well-being of you and your family.

Located at the corner of Eastern and Warm Springs and open 24/7 for our members. Team Body Focus Fitness has worked very hard at selecting the right equipment, amenities, and service programs for you. With a brand new line of Cybex and Life Fitness strength training, free weight and cardio equipment; our members are sure to get the best workout on the best equipment. Group Fitness classes like Zumba and Cardio Kickboxing are also included in every membership. Personal Training one on one and small group settings with a wide variety of functional equipment will provide our members with a wide variety of things to help with all their fitness needs and goals.

10 Key things that make the facility world class.

  1. We have adequate floor space to serve classes with over 20 athletes with space for our apprentice coaches to facilitate one on one personal training at the same time.
  2. Body Focus Fitness’s ten foot ceilings provide a spacious feeling while providing room for functional movements.
  3. You can drop weights since our space is covered from wall to wall with rubber flooring as this provides a safer environment for lifting weights.
  4. No one likes stuffy environments when they workout, so we have eight bay doors to keep the gym full of fresh air and smelling so fresh and so clean, clean. It allows for athletes to enter and exit the building in a safer manner and just looks cool too.
  5. We have tons of natural light coming in the building so you never feel like your training in a dungeon.
  6. We have plenty of parking so you are never getting into fights in the parking lot over a space like you do at the mall during Christmas.
  7. Everyone loves to get a motivation while working in groups. Our group ex room is spacious and fun but also exclusive and private with no windows.
  8. We like to workout but we enjoy socializing with cool people even more. We get together a lot to hangout, so when you join you get a bunch of friends for free.
  9. We work really hard so we need to recover strong to so we have an onsite massage therapist and esthetician to help with those sore muscles.
  10. Stretching and relaxing is also an important aspect of the gym, so we hold Yoga classes to get our athletes limber, since flexability is an athletic skill.
Contact Info
  • Body Focus Fitness
  • 7380 S. Eastern Ave., Suite 109-C Las Vegas, Nevada 89123
  • (702) 228-GYMS (4967)
  • (888) 667 5570
  • info@bffgyms.com